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One of seven surviving village regatta's on the Fal Estuary and surrounding creeks. Affectionately known as the "Loe Beach Regatta" from where it is staged, this annual event has been run since the mid 1800's only halting activities for the two World Wars. 


Traditionally the first village regatta of the season, it attracts sailors from many classes and age groups from juniors, through dinghies and sunbeams, through to cruising and racing yachts, and it's always a joy to see the multi-coloured top sails of the Working Boat fleets who make a strong appearance on the water each year.


A marquee on the lawn of a private garden at the edge of the water, next to Loe Beach, provides a spectacular setting for the refreshment tent serving a wide range of fare produced and organized by residents of the village. With liberty boats available to take sailors ashore from the buoys and anchorages on Loe Beach, a prizegiving ceremony is held in the marquee after the races. There's a wide variety of silverware for the winners. Many of the trophies embody a long local history.  


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